My name is Leigh Nelson. I am known for graphic art that offers purposeful but emotive visualization of ideas. I am a graphic artist with both fine art and graphic arts technology background. With artists in my family, I started drawing and abstract painting when I was young, and sold my first piece at age 17.

I then went on to Toronto School of Art to gain formal art education and expand my artistic abilities. Building on my passion for art, I then attended Canadian Business College and there found another passion, that of graphic arts technology. I learned many different graphic arts  programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. From there I put both my passions together to start Creative Socks, offering freelance graphic art and commissioned abstract paintings.

Along with my artistic works displayed on my website, the name Creative
Socks reflects my personal creativity as well. Ever since I was 16 years old
I have been purposely mixing two pairs of socks and it slowly turned into my
identification in a way. Some of my family members do this as well, but I
believe I took it to the next level by buying colourful pairs of socks that
have similar designs and putting complimentary colours and patterns
together. For me, my Creative Socks is a symbol of my ability to create Art by Design and it is what makes me unique.

I would describe myself as artistic, technology savvy, and resourceful. With studies in the fine arts and graphic design fields, I generate ideas from both angles. I’m focused on combining these techniques together to help bring the creative side to business.


2016- Group Show – One Earth – One Chance Rebacca Gallery
2016 -Group Show at Hashtag Gallery
2016 – RAW Underground Art Show



Illustrator Award –  Canadian Business College- 2011

Photoshop Award  – Canadian Business College – 2010

Printmaking Award – Toronto School of Art – 2001